Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mackay Mine Tour,White Knob Mountian

Mackay OHV Mine Tour White Knob Historic Mining Site.
ATV, Car, Pickup, Four Wheeler, and Motorcycle Trail

The Mackay Mine Tour is a sweet place to ride a motorcycle or a fourwheeler.
It is easy to find and very user friendly.
My hats off to the people responsible for making this such a great place for all levels of riders.

The mine tour has a main road that can be done in a loop.
The road is very well maintained and very well marked.
It can easily be done in a car or a truck so take grandma and lunch.
This is a large mountain and if you like history this place is full of it so plan on taking some time.

The town of Mackay has done a great job with the white knob mine tour.
They have placed numbered and informational signs all along the tour.
Again i can't say it enough this is a great place for the whole family.

The only draw back to this ride is their is nothing very challenging.
That being said tho, we road to 9,700 feet and had a great view
of mount Borah and the Big Lost River Valley
so even tho there is nothing very challenging their is so much riding to be done and so many cool old buildings. I think this place rocks! and i will be back soon!!


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