Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mackay Mine Tour,White Knob Mountian

Mackay OHV Mine Tour White Knob Historic Mining Site.
ATV, Car, Pickup, Four Wheeler, and Motorcycle Trail

The Mackay Mine Tour is a sweet place to ride a motorcycle or a fourwheeler.
It is easy to find and very user friendly.
My hats off to the people responsible for making this such a great place for all levels of riders.

The mine tour has a main road that can be done in a loop.
The road is very well maintained and very well marked.
It can easily be done in a car or a truck so take grandma and lunch.
This is a large mountain and if you like history this place is full of it so plan on taking some time.

The town of Mackay has done a great job with the white knob mine tour.
They have placed numbered and informational signs all along the tour.
Again i can't say it enough this is a great place for the whole family.

The only draw back to this ride is their is nothing very challenging.
That being said tho, we road to 9,700 feet and had a great view
of mount Borah and the Big Lost River Valley
so even tho there is nothing very challenging their is so much riding to be done and so many cool old buildings. I think this place rocks! and i will be back soon!!


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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Skull Canyon to Long Canyon

Skull Canyon OHV Road to Long Canyon Four Wheeler and Dirt Bike Trail

Dubois Ranger District

Skull canyon is a short but very scenic road ride,
that can be made into a decent loop on a four wheeler or a motorcycle. To make the loop you use the long canyon four wheeler trail. That being said you can go up long canyon and come out skull canyon, either way you choose to go you will have to skirt the hwy (28) in order to make it a loop.

The canyon is located closer to the south end of the Beaver Head mountain range. If you are heading north west up hwy 28 you will pass long canyon first then a few miles up the road you will come to skull canyon. For more info or other questions just email me.


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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Green Lake

Green Lake , Mulldoon Canyon
Challis National Forest, OHV Road, Four Wheeler and Motorcycle Trail

Green lake is located in Copper Basin about half way up Mulldoon Canyon.
This is one of my favorite lakes in Copper Basin.
I have been up here many times and it never gets old.

The ride to green lake is great fun, it starts in Mulldoon Canyon off the Copper Basin Loop Road.
Then about half way up Mulldoon Canyon the road splits, and either goes to the end of the canyon or up the side of the mountain to an abandoned mine were you park and hike the rest of the way.

The canyon ride is fun and FAST!!!!! in fact it's easy to get out of control the road is so smooth but full of creek crossings and tons of rolling terrain fun fun fun it's also a good beginners ride for four wheelers,dirt bikes, and rhinos.
The second part of the trail/road is more difficult it side hills up the side of the mountain for a few miles before dead ending at the mine. The road is old and not maintained so in my mind it would be a wild jeep road an intermediate four wheeler trail or a fun dirt bike road.

The Hike to Green Lake to some can be very challenging.
The Trail if you want to call it a trail?
follows the creek up. yep thats part of why i like it so much you hike up the creek that flows out of the lake the whole time never seeing the lake until you are at eye level with the water!!!
Very Cool!!

But again be for warned!!

The trail is steep and rugged and depending on the time of year the creek can be about empty or running strong. all said and done i think the trail is a little under a 1/2 mile long but it is all up hill some of it very steep


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Swager Lake Trail

Swager Lake
OHV, Motorcycle, and Four Wheeler Trail
Challis National Forest

Swager lake is deep in the Lost River Range Mountains.
If you love to ride this is a great mountain trail.
If you love to site see this is a great mountain trail.
If you love to fish? well you had better try somwere else.

There are two different lakes on this trail Copper and Swager.
Both are pretty small the first lake you come to is copper.
My map did not show copper lake in fact had it not been for the copper lake sign we may have assumed that it was Swager lake instead.

The Trail can also be done in a loop but only on a motorcycle
after swager lake the trail turns in to single track.
and it is a very steep winding trail some of the switch backs were so tight coming down this mountain that all of us had to get off our bikes and walk them around the switch backs

I can't wait to get back and ride this trail again.
I know that it's a four wheeler trail. how fun could it be right?
But the word i remember being used the most to describe this ride and this trail was?


Idaho Trail Riders

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snow Bank Trail

Snow Bank Motorcycle Trail
Challis National Forest

Snow Bank is a long and narrow high mountain dirt bike trail.
The trail follows the contour of the mountains for most of sawmill canyons upper ridge line.

This trail can only be accessed from other single track motorcycle trail and most of these trails are difficult.
There are many trails in sawmill canyon that lead to snow bank trail.
We choose to ride up Iron Creek and down Timber Creek.
We have found this to be the better way to ride these trails.

If you go ride snow bank trail, iron creek, or timber creek.
Be prepared these trails are long and can be very challenging!



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