Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stoddard Creek Day 1

Stoddard Creek Area
Caribou-Targhee National Forest
Dubois Ranger District

This was my first time in Stoddard Creek and my first camping trip of the year. In Short this place Rocks! I was way surprised with the camping and the riding both.

Stoddard Creek is a short drive north out of Idaho Falls on I 15 past Dubois and about 4-5 miles past Spencer it is a well market exit that says Stoddard Creek Camp Ground the road is pave all the way to the camping area it is a great place for an R V . We did not stay in the camping area we chose to drive up the road past the camp ground and find our own spot, it payed off also their is great camping further up the valley. The only bad part about this place is because it is close easy and great place to ride it was very full. But only in the camping area we past only a few other riders on the trail. So all of that being said i think next time i go up their to ride. I will camp in the next valley up from Stoddard Creek it is called Pleasant Valley. Because all of the same trails can be accessed from Pleasant Valley their is a nice creek with camping on it and it seemed that their were allot less campers in this valley ? Like i said this was my first time up here so i could very easily be wrong in my thinking? But either way or either place i think you won't be let down if you like to ride.

Finally about the riding. This place is all four wheeler trails and honestly that's OK in a place like this. The Trails can be very steep and very loose with rocks every were so it's nice to have all the extra room on the trail.
Today we started at Stoddard Creek Camp Ground went back toward I 15 to Van Hoy Canyon # 068 we followed Van Hoy until it dead ends into Trail # 179 witch makes a big loops that connects with Trail 002 we then took 002 down to Pleasant Valley Rd # 323 turned left or west? up Pleasant Valley to the top Pleasant valley and Corral Creek Divide. and right on top is the next and one of the coolest trails i've ridden
Trail # lucky 013 oh ya once you get on this trail you are in high dessert plains on top of a long and winding ridge line and the trail follows this huge mountain ridge line area. like the spine on the back of a snake. you just keep going up and down these huge humps and because their are no trees on this trail the view is hard to beet 360 degrees I'm not sure of the elevation on this trail i think the highest spot i can find on the map is 8730 I'm not 100 % percent sure on this but i know the trail gets pretty high and the map shows the trail going to this point so i think I'm wright. Trail 013 does not make a loop once you have had enough you need to just turn around and go back or you can ride down to the bottom like we did and go to a little place called Paul's reservoir. It was OK but not that great either so if you have the time and want to ride go for it. But if not don't be disappointed if you don't make it their.

So on a side note i want to say thanks to Rick wood. He left a comment on my Black Tail look out post. and to answer his question on Stanley and riding. sadly the answer is no. I do not know of any good riding over their. I wish i did and i hope you find some great riding I've heard their is lots of good riding over their but I'm not sure were? Please leave anther comment letting us all know what kind of riding you found on your trip. This brings up another point i could not respond to ricks question directly Because he did not leave his email address. If you have any questions or want to me to respond fast please email me at or leave your email address on your comment and I'll respond asap


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