Sunday, March 25, 2007

Early Year Road Ride

Well This was a great day. Unfortunatly Their were no trails open!! Rats But at least we were not at work.

Me and a friend went up past Heise and Stink Springs. Unloaded right off the road and started following the river up stream. We turned Back up toward kelly canyon at the first and only intersection. And tried to make it to table rock camp ground we were denied. I know it doesn't show in the pictures but their is alot of snow still in the shade. So from their we went back toward Burns and Black Canyon. Again DENIED ROAD CLOSED !! Big game migragion route. Thats ok i was just bummed out at the time. Because their is no snow on that road at all !!

So if you just can't wait for the trails to melt or open ( 4/30/2007 ) And and need a change from the sand dunes or bunny grounds. Then i think this is a great easy mellow nice ride that follows the river. and almost gets ya into the mountains. I know i had a great ride and will be back before ( 4/30/2007 ) and then of coarse all summer from their.


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Wild Horse

Wild Horse Camp Ground
Challis National Forest

Well one of my younger brothers turned me on to this place a few years ago. And I've been back every year since. Next Year i will be going sooner than September.

Wild Horse is a ways out of Idaho Falls. You Go approximately 20 miles past Mackey to Trail Creek Road. Trail Creek Road is past the reservoir coming from Idaho Falls.
That's all the more directions I can give. You will just have to follow signs from Trail Creek To here.

Wild Horse is a great family place as well as a good die hard place to ride.
There is not tons and tons of riding we usually cover it all in two days or less. But the riding that can be done and scenery are fantastic. i can't wait until my next trip i hope it's doesn't snow. lol and i can get some better pictures. So in 2007 i think we will be going up in late June Instead of late September. and of coarse I'll post all of the new pictures as well.
Thanks for stopping by and always were your helmet.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Menan Butte

Menan Butte
Bunny Grounds

Well what can i say about this place? This is a great place for beginners and early year riding.
With a wide variety of terrain. This place has a little something to offer everyone.

The Bunny Grounds as i like to call them. Is located pretty much at the bottom of the west side of the butte. Well that's were we park. The Terrain is mostly dessert with pick up truck roads winding all over threw it. The Grounds go all the way from the butte to Roberts. So you can also ride from Roberts over to the butte. It is a great place to ride from either location.

Man What a fun ride this one was. We went with a few dudes who had both just got their first motorcycles. They rocked! and that's one reason why i call it the bunny grounds. It's kinda like the bunny hill for a ski resort. I Think it's the best place around for beginners to learn to ride? Sure their maybe easier or different places for beginners. But i like this place because i get to have fun to. So i recommend this place to any one who has spring fever and can't wait for the snow to melt in the mountains.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cabin Creek

Cabin Creek Trail # 127 Motorcycle
Salmon National Forest

This Motorcycle Trail. Took me farther into the mountains. Than i could have ever imagined. And i can't wait to get back.

The way i came upon Cabin Creek. Was with a few friends camping in sawmill canyon. We road up slide creek to the summit. And that's were we saw the trail head for cabin creek.
So the only way i can tell you how to find cabin creek. Is to get either the challis national forest trail or the salmon national forest map. The Challis National Forest map. Has all of sawmill canyon on it. So you can find slide creek in sawmill canyon on this map. And you will see Cabin Creek on this map as well if you follow slide creek to the boundary on the map you can find it. Or get the Salmon National Forest Map. And look for it west of Leadore on the map.

I can't even begin to tell you how much i think about this trail. Maybe it is because i have only ridden it once and felt like their was much much more to explore when i left? or maybe i just love to ride my motorcycle in the mountains. hum Either way this place left me wanting more. It was really more than i was expecting. And these pictures don't even begin to do it justice.


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