Sunday, December 23, 2007

Crooked Creek

Crooked Creek Motorcycle Trail to Scott Canyon OHV Road
Caribou Targhee National Forest
Dubois Ranger District

Crooked Creek Motorcycle Trail is AWESOME!!!
This could very easily be my single track of the year.
But it's not only because i have not finished this trail, I have only completed half. I wish I'd had more time out here.

The Crooked Creek Trail head i would think next to impossible to find with out taking a local or having a map. This trail is off the beaten path no matter witch way you ride the trail. The motorcycle trail can be found from hwy 22 crooked creek or from hwy 28 threw Scott canyon.

There are many things about this trail that make it so great. I think it's a combination of single track, mountain location and terrain. This trail is next to perfect for my kind of riding. Smooth tight straight aways with long steep climbs,short technical spots and even a creek. That being said i can't wait to get back and finish this trail. The motorcycle trail in whole is around twenty miles and it goes from crooked creek to willow creek. Scott canyon is a little less than half of the trail and it is the only way out if you are in the middle of the trail. The view of Diamond Mountain,Saddle Mountain and the whole Lemhi Range from Scott Canyon is breath taking and makes the short ride off the trail well worth it.
So remember Ride Hard!
When in Doubt Throttle Out!


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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Burns Creek

Burns Creek
Motorcycle Single Track
Big Hole Mountains
Palisades Ranger District

Burns Creek Motorcycle Trail is a long single track with lots of other trail junctions along the way. From Burns Creek if you can ride the terrain you can ride to just about any were in the Big Holes. I would suggest taking a map or someone with you who knows the area and be aware of the weather. We have been stuck out here in the rain before pushing our bikes out!!! it can be very slick and very steep. Witch brings me to my next point. If their is a chance it will be rainy you should choose to do this trail in a down hill fashion and if it is dry be prepared for a good climb out.

More Times than not when we ride Burns Creek Motorcycle Trail we ride from the Snake River north and go up stream or up hill and then we go past Hell Hole Canyon To Coal Mine Canyon and ride Coal Mine out. This is by far the easiest way i know of to get out. If you choose to ride past Coal Mine be prepared for a very steep climb out. Hell Hole is also Very very steep. Their are also a few more junctions along this trail that i will not go into at this point but they should be considered difficult and time consuming before you try to ride them.

So if you love to ride your dirt bike and you feel like a challenge? This area and trail have a lot to offer. Burns To Coal Mine is a great loop you can even swing up to the top of argument ridge from the top of Coal Mine and they have made a new trail this year off the top of argument So have fun and RIDE HARD!!!


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jug Creek To Continental Divide

Jug Creek OHV Road
Caribou-Targhee National Forest
Dubois Ranger District
Four Wheeler

Jug Creek is a fun ATV trail with a great view at the end.
The trail is half small road and half four wheeler trail and should be easy for just about any level of rider.

When i think about Jug Creek I am always impressed with the quality of the road the trail and the view. The trail is all four wheeler and their are no hard parts. That makes this trail perfect for beginners, or super fun for the rest of us. Jug Creek is not a very long trail. So it is perfect for a nice stretched out easy ride, or a quick after breakfast be back for lunch ride.
What ever kind of ride you make out of it you will not be let down.
The view of the Continental Divide is what makes this trail so good for every one. You ride all the way up to the Montana Idaho Boarder and stand on the edge of the Divide. ( it's pretty cool!! )

To Find Jug Creek you take I 15 to the Stoddard Creek Camp Ground exit and follow the main road east over the top of porcupine pass till you get to Jug Creek. The trail is marked and it goes straight north to the end.


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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge Wild Horse Camp Ground and Creek Area
Challis National Forest
Pioneer Mountain Range
Jeep,Four Wheeler, Motorcycle

The Broken Bridge is a place me and some friends have been coming to for years. It always makes a good warm up ride to start our trip with.

The bridge used to cross Wild Horse Creek. I'm not sure when the bridge was last used or even were the road goes on the other side?
I do no that you pass Wild Horse Mine on the way up to the bridge so I'm assuming it was used for mining??

To find the broken bridge just drive threw the wild horse camp ground and follow the road until you come to the bridge. Wild Horse Camp Ground is APX 50 miles from sun valley and along way from Idaho Falls. I have never been from sun valley so your on your own from their. From Idaho Falls you drive out threw Mackay and past the resivor it's about 20 miles north of Mackay until you come to Trail Creek Road. From their it's about 20 more it's well marked so just follow the signs.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Garns Mountain

Garns Mountain
Teton Basin Ranger District
Big Hole Mountain Range
Motorcycle Four Wheeler

Garns Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the big holes
(elv 9016 ) It is just a few feet shorter than Piney Peek. From the top you have a clear 360 degree view.

Their are many different ways to get to the top of Garns. Some of these ways are easier than others. You can make it to the Garns Mountain Trail Head from Victor, Driggs, Pine Creek Pass, Moody Meadows or Black canyon Just to name a few. Some of these trails i have just mentioned are four wheeler and some our single track. The trail to the top on both sides of the mountain is a four wheeler trail and the trail from Victor or Driggs is easier than from the Idaho Falls side. It is the Trails that meet up with the garns trail that can be single track. So if you are riding a four wheeler ck your map to make sure your trail does not run out on you before you get to were you want to be.

Tonights ride was a great ride. This was my first trip up garns in two years. I tried last year many many times but for many different reasons i never made it to the top. So to say the least i was way happy. The trail we took this night is one of my favorites it's all four wheeler and it goes by Castle Lake. Witch is a nice place to stop and rest. On this ride when we got to the lake their was big moose just hanging out in the lake cooling off he seemed to care less that we were their. So we sat and watched him for a while then decided we needed to get a move on. We parked down by Kellys and road from their to do this ride you must have some time. we left the truck around 5 oclock and got back way after dark. The sun was still way high in the sky when we left the top of garns. we road back as fast as we could with no stops and it was pitch black when we made it back to the truck. Ha ha ha ha ha it was a great ride. Well i don't have my map with me this morning so i can not provide trail names and numbers at this point i will come back and add them to the post in a day or two. Garns is much closer to Driggs and Victor than Idaho Falls the towns you see in the pictures are. The town below the Grand Tetons is Driggs the other Town you see in the pictures is Victor. They are eight miles apart to drive between them but from up here they look almost like one town.


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stoddard Creek Day 2

Porcupine Pass, Lone Pine Pass and look out Point
Caribou-Targhee National Forest
Dubois Ranger District

So on day 2 we road another big loop. This place is like night and day on the west side of
I 15 were we road on day one their are lots of rocks and high desert plains. On the east side of
I 15 it's green lush forest with a big creek and Smooth trails.

We left Stoddard Creek Camp and had a long road ride east going under I 15. The road makes it way threw the valley for what seemed like for ever but soon enough you make it to the top of porcupine pass and then from their it's just a short ride to the lone pine pass trail head.
From the top of Lone Pine you can go 2 different ways we went both. To get the look out mountain top you must turn east at the top of lone pine pass from their it is a short fun ride to the top or if you go straight over the top ( the way we road out ) you drop down Three mile canyon and if your not paying attention you will end up on the main road back to Spencer before you realize that you missed your trail head back to Stoddard Creek threw the mountains. It's no big deal if you miss the trail head it's just an easy easy road ride back to camp if you do i don't have my map with me and i for got the name of the next trail head oops. i know that it spits you out in dairy canyon. Dairy canyon is the first canyon you ride PAST on your way up to Porcupine Pass so you are really close to camp when you are finished with this looop.

About the Trails and the View. So I'm sure you know by now that if you camp at Stoddard and want to do this loop their is going to be some road riding. But thats o.k Because the view from the top of look out is unreal one of my favorite i think. you can see south in to the whole south east Idaho valley and the view of The Grand Tetons is one of the best i have ever seen. Best of all these trails are all four wheeler trails and kept in some of the best shape I've ever seen for mountain trails. I can not say it enough how much difference their is between these two sides of I 15 the west side is steep and rocky with desert views and a killer ridge line trail. The east side is butter it's so smooth and easy and full of trees.
So in short this is a great place for just about any level of rider.


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stoddard Creek Day 1

Stoddard Creek Area
Caribou-Targhee National Forest
Dubois Ranger District

This was my first time in Stoddard Creek and my first camping trip of the year. In Short this place Rocks! I was way surprised with the camping and the riding both.

Stoddard Creek is a short drive north out of Idaho Falls on I 15 past Dubois and about 4-5 miles past Spencer it is a well market exit that says Stoddard Creek Camp Ground the road is pave all the way to the camping area it is a great place for an R V . We did not stay in the camping area we chose to drive up the road past the camp ground and find our own spot, it payed off also their is great camping further up the valley. The only bad part about this place is because it is close easy and great place to ride it was very full. But only in the camping area we past only a few other riders on the trail. So all of that being said i think next time i go up their to ride. I will camp in the next valley up from Stoddard Creek it is called Pleasant Valley. Because all of the same trails can be accessed from Pleasant Valley their is a nice creek with camping on it and it seemed that their were allot less campers in this valley ? Like i said this was my first time up here so i could very easily be wrong in my thinking? But either way or either place i think you won't be let down if you like to ride.

Finally about the riding. This place is all four wheeler trails and honestly that's OK in a place like this. The Trails can be very steep and very loose with rocks every were so it's nice to have all the extra room on the trail.
Today we started at Stoddard Creek Camp Ground went back toward I 15 to Van Hoy Canyon # 068 we followed Van Hoy until it dead ends into Trail # 179 witch makes a big loops that connects with Trail 002 we then took 002 down to Pleasant Valley Rd # 323 turned left or west? up Pleasant Valley to the top Pleasant valley and Corral Creek Divide. and right on top is the next and one of the coolest trails i've ridden
Trail # lucky 013 oh ya once you get on this trail you are in high dessert plains on top of a long and winding ridge line and the trail follows this huge mountain ridge line area. like the spine on the back of a snake. you just keep going up and down these huge humps and because their are no trees on this trail the view is hard to beet 360 degrees I'm not sure of the elevation on this trail i think the highest spot i can find on the map is 8730 I'm not 100 % percent sure on this but i know the trail gets pretty high and the map shows the trail going to this point so i think I'm wright. Trail 013 does not make a loop once you have had enough you need to just turn around and go back or you can ride down to the bottom like we did and go to a little place called Paul's reservoir. It was OK but not that great either so if you have the time and want to ride go for it. But if not don't be disappointed if you don't make it their.

So on a side note i want to say thanks to Rick wood. He left a comment on my Black Tail look out post. and to answer his question on Stanley and riding. sadly the answer is no. I do not know of any good riding over their. I wish i did and i hope you find some great riding I've heard their is lots of good riding over their but I'm not sure were? Please leave anther comment letting us all know what kind of riding you found on your trip. This brings up another point i could not respond to ricks question directly Because he did not leave his email address. If you have any questions or want to me to respond fast please email me at or leave your email address on your comment and I'll respond asap


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