Friday, October 20, 2006

Big Windy & Trail Peak

Idaho Trail 102 Motorcycle & Four Wheeler
Challis National Forest.

This Motorcycle Trail is unreal.
I know i say this allot. But this is one of my favorite rides. It is an amazing trail/road. Yep it's wide enough for a pick up. I would never take my pickup over the summit. But I've seen trucks on the summit before. So it can be done. The trail goes over and through the Lemhi mountain range. From the summit you can see both sides of the range. That means you can look up or down the Birch Creek Valley on one side. And on the other side you can see Sawmill canyon and the pahsimeroi valley. You can also see Mt. Borha from here. It is the tallest mountain in Idaho.

Their our two ways to get to the summit. The first and easiest way to find Big Windy and Trail Peak. Is to start at the Hahn town site trail,road witch ever. And head up from their. The trail makes a big figure eight. Witch meets right on the summit. I should know this but i think it's Lemhi summit. ( Pretty sure ) The whole figure eight can not be done in a truck tho. But you can drive over the top from either side in a truck. The Second way is from Sawmill canyon. This is the way i have ridden the most. The trail/road on this side starts at Squaw Creek.
The Hahn Town Site road can be found approximately 20 miles south of leadore on HWY 28.
Sawmill Canyon can be found by passing through Howe and following the only road north out of town up the Pahsimeroi valley. Once you think you have gone to far. Just keep going and you will come to the sawmill canyon sign. It's approximately 40 miles out Howe until the turn for Sawmill. Then Squaw Creek is one of the first market trail heads you come to.

This ride is unbelievable to say the least. This whole place is unreal. We camp every year high up in the canyon and ride for days and days and days. And it never gets old.

If you get the chance and have the time. I highly recommend this place. I promise it won't let you down. Ha ha it may work ya over tho. It is very very rugged terrain. Tire eating country for sure.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Idaho Gillmore Town Site Road #002
Challis National Forest

The Motorcycle and Four Wheeler trails here are like going back in time.
The town below is gillmore ghost town. So many cool places to see once you're there and on the way there. You'll drive through the ghost town to access meadow lake. There is a whole range of ridding available.. but mostly beginner and intermediate fourwheeler trails and lots of them. Along with tons of history. it's an old mining community. Its about 3 hours from Idaho Falls and a pretty drive the whole way there.

So their is lots to explore. the camp site.. is right on the lake it is a perfect ( PAY ) to camp site.. with that it is also very well known and can get full in midsummer. so that's why we went in October. and we had the whole place to our selves it was a great end of the year ride.

You can find gillmore ghost town apx. 15 miles south of leadore on hwy 28 on the west side of the valley. it is only a short drive off the hwy. to park and ride the lake how ever is alittle farther back.. apx 8 miles.? give or take alittle either way the road dead ends at the lake so just keep going.

There are many trails up here most of them are old mining roads that have grown in to make perfect four wheeler trails. most of them also dead end. but still very very cool place to ride for a day.. or two if your with the family.


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Eightmile Trail

Idaho Trail 026 Motorcycle & Four Wheeler
Challis National Forest

The Eightmile motorcycle and four wheeler trail. Takes a high mountain trail though the Lemhi Mountain Range.

The trail goes from the salmon highway over and threw the mountains. to the Pahsimeroi valley. Sawmill canyon is in the Pahsimeroi valley. It offers great views of many mountains. My favorite is saddle mountain and you travel very very close it.

I like this trail because of the view of saddle mountain.. saddle is my favorite mountain to stare at from town.. and this trail gives you a side you just don't get to see any other way. You can find eightmile and pass crk on hwy 28 north of Terreton and Mudlake toward Salmon. You can also park at the birch creek camp ground and ride from their.

Their is a trail that goes right from camp all the way to the mountain. Once you get into the mountains you should take the time to look at the trail head and understand the map and were you will be riding.

There are a few different trails up here and it is a very very big place. I also reccomend that if you are an intermediate rider that you go to pass creek first and start the loop that way. If you choose to go the other way. It is VERY VERY STEEP. And i think it's easier going down the steep stuff rather than going up? So, if you go to pass creek first then you will come down the steep stuff and not have go up it.

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