Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pinnacle Trail

Pinnacle Motorcycle Trail.
Super secret motorcycle trail. If you can find this trail from my directions. Then you deserve the reward at the end of this trail.

Pinnacle is a great short ride. Especially if you live in driggs or victor. It offers an amazing view of the tetons and both driggs and victor.
Me and my brother like to do this ride in the evening. Because the sunsets from up on top are unreal. The sunset's over the bigholes and puts the last bit of light on the tetons. So it really is amazing.

The top of the trail is the wilderness boundry.
So you can't ride past the top but there is plenty of off trail hiking. That can be done from the top. Or you can just chill and take in the views. Thats what we ussally do.

The trail head is kinda hard to find. So you may want to ask a local. But remember this is a very very short ride. There is much more riding on the other side of the valley..

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lake Loop Trail

Idaho Trail 054 Motorcycle & Four wheeler.
Challis National Forest.

Hi everyone
well for those of you that were their thanks for a great time.
for everyone else.. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i enjoyed taking them.

This is a trail in the copper basin area. Very close to star hope campground. Were we camped two nights and road two days. Their are many great trails in this area. This just happens to be one of my favorites. The trail is a mountain trail that is very rugged.

But well worth it. The trail makes a large loop and on the loop it passes 5 different lakes. With a couple of lakes just out of sight and just a short hike off the trail. If you are an experienced rider. and the weather is good this trail is unbelievable. I mention the weather as you can see from the pictures you get pretty high elevation. So the weather can change fast remember this was the 2ND week in September.!!! HA HA HA WHAT A BLAST. I really loved the snow. It did slow us down allot as a group. And it did cause some good spills and some close calls.

But every body was OK no serious injurys. But it was still a wild ride How ever if the weather is going to be good this is a great trail for almost any rider. It is four wheeler width.. so it's nice and wide.. witch is great for intermediate riders. I would not suggest that a beginner rider take a motorcycle on this trail. The trail is very rugged so please BE PREPARED. and have fun.

For directions or just questions about other trails in the area just

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Stinking Springs Trail

Trail # 169 Motorcycle & Four Wheeler.
Palisades & Teton Basin Ranger Districts

Stinking Springs is a fun short trail. That leads to top back side of Kelly canyon ski hill. It is a good after work ride. That offers a good view of the snake river and swan valley below.

To find the trail head Just go past Heise. And follow the signs for the boat ramp. You will make one right hand turn off the main road. Then look for the trail head on the mountain side of the road. Their is a big parking area it's hard to miss.

If you miss the turn or you have more time. Then go past Kelly canyon. To the table rock camp ground and unload their. Then take trail 169. It's a great fourwheeler trail and will take you to the top of stinking springs. So this is a fun loop also if you have the time. Oh and best of all it's low and in the sun. So the snow melts pretty fast.It's one the earliest rides i know of with no snow. Stinking springs is on the sunny side of the mountain so you also get unreal sunsets. It is a great short ride. Not recommended by me for beginners. But for everyone else. It makes a great ride with potential. To be longer if you have the time.

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