Friday, October 20, 2006

Big Windy & Trail Peak

Idaho Trail 102 Motorcycle & Four Wheeler
Challis National Forest.

This Motorcycle Trail is unreal.
I know i say this allot. But this is one of my favorite rides. It is an amazing trail/road. Yep it's wide enough for a pick up. I would never take my pickup over the summit. But I've seen trucks on the summit before. So it can be done. The trail goes over and through the Lemhi mountain range. From the summit you can see both sides of the range. That means you can look up or down the Birch Creek Valley on one side. And on the other side you can see Sawmill canyon and the pahsimeroi valley. You can also see Mt. Borha from here. It is the tallest mountain in Idaho.

Their our two ways to get to the summit. The first and easiest way to find Big Windy and Trail Peak. Is to start at the Hahn town site trail,road witch ever. And head up from their. The trail makes a big figure eight. Witch meets right on the summit. I should know this but i think it's Lemhi summit. ( Pretty sure ) The whole figure eight can not be done in a truck tho. But you can drive over the top from either side in a truck. The Second way is from Sawmill canyon. This is the way i have ridden the most. The trail/road on this side starts at Squaw Creek.
The Hahn Town Site road can be found approximately 20 miles south of leadore on HWY 28.
Sawmill Canyon can be found by passing through Howe and following the only road north out of town up the Pahsimeroi valley. Once you think you have gone to far. Just keep going and you will come to the sawmill canyon sign. It's approximately 40 miles out Howe until the turn for Sawmill. Then Squaw Creek is one of the first market trail heads you come to.

This ride is unbelievable to say the least. This whole place is unreal. We camp every year high up in the canyon and ride for days and days and days. And it never gets old.

If you get the chance and have the time. I highly recommend this place. I promise it won't let you down. Ha ha it may work ya over tho. It is very very rugged terrain. Tire eating country for sure.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Idaho Gillmore Town Site Road #002
Challis National Forest

The Motorcycle and Four Wheeler trails here are like going back in time.
The town below is gillmore ghost town. So many cool places to see once you're there and on the way there. You'll drive through the ghost town to access meadow lake. There is a whole range of ridding available.. but mostly beginner and intermediate fourwheeler trails and lots of them. Along with tons of history. it's an old mining community. Its about 3 hours from Idaho Falls and a pretty drive the whole way there.

So their is lots to explore. the camp site.. is right on the lake it is a perfect ( PAY ) to camp site.. with that it is also very well known and can get full in midsummer. so that's why we went in October. and we had the whole place to our selves it was a great end of the year ride.

You can find gillmore ghost town apx. 15 miles south of leadore on hwy 28 on the west side of the valley. it is only a short drive off the hwy. to park and ride the lake how ever is alittle farther back.. apx 8 miles.? give or take alittle either way the road dead ends at the lake so just keep going.

There are many trails up here most of them are old mining roads that have grown in to make perfect four wheeler trails. most of them also dead end. but still very very cool place to ride for a day.. or two if your with the family.


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Eightmile Trail

Idaho Trail 026 Motorcycle & Four Wheeler
Challis National Forest

The Eightmile motorcycle and four wheeler trail. Takes a high mountain trail though the Lemhi Mountain Range.

The trail goes from the salmon highway over and threw the mountains. to the Pahsimeroi valley. Sawmill canyon is in the Pahsimeroi valley. It offers great views of many mountains. My favorite is saddle mountain and you travel very very close it.

I like this trail because of the view of saddle mountain.. saddle is my favorite mountain to stare at from town.. and this trail gives you a side you just don't get to see any other way. You can find eightmile and pass crk on hwy 28 north of Terreton and Mudlake toward Salmon. You can also park at the birch creek camp ground and ride from their.

Their is a trail that goes right from camp all the way to the mountain. Once you get into the mountains you should take the time to look at the trail head and understand the map and were you will be riding.

There are a few different trails up here and it is a very very big place. I also reccomend that if you are an intermediate rider that you go to pass creek first and start the loop that way. If you choose to go the other way. It is VERY VERY STEEP. And i think it's easier going down the steep stuff rather than going up? So, if you go to pass creek first then you will come down the steep stuff and not have go up it.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pinnacle Trail

Pinnacle Motorcycle Trail.
Super secret motorcycle trail. If you can find this trail from my directions. Then you deserve the reward at the end of this trail.

Pinnacle is a great short ride. Especially if you live in driggs or victor. It offers an amazing view of the tetons and both driggs and victor.
Me and my brother like to do this ride in the evening. Because the sunsets from up on top are unreal. The sunset's over the bigholes and puts the last bit of light on the tetons. So it really is amazing.

The top of the trail is the wilderness boundry.
So you can't ride past the top but there is plenty of off trail hiking. That can be done from the top. Or you can just chill and take in the views. Thats what we ussally do.

The trail head is kinda hard to find. So you may want to ask a local. But remember this is a very very short ride. There is much more riding on the other side of the valley..

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lake Loop Trail

Idaho Trail 054 Motorcycle & Four wheeler.
Challis National Forest.

Hi everyone
well for those of you that were their thanks for a great time.
for everyone else.. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i enjoyed taking them.

This is a trail in the copper basin area. Very close to star hope campground. Were we camped two nights and road two days. Their are many great trails in this area. This just happens to be one of my favorites. The trail is a mountain trail that is very rugged.

But well worth it. The trail makes a large loop and on the loop it passes 5 different lakes. With a couple of lakes just out of sight and just a short hike off the trail. If you are an experienced rider. and the weather is good this trail is unbelievable. I mention the weather as you can see from the pictures you get pretty high elevation. So the weather can change fast remember this was the 2ND week in September.!!! HA HA HA WHAT A BLAST. I really loved the snow. It did slow us down allot as a group. And it did cause some good spills and some close calls.

But every body was OK no serious injurys. But it was still a wild ride How ever if the weather is going to be good this is a great trail for almost any rider. It is four wheeler width.. so it's nice and wide.. witch is great for intermediate riders. I would not suggest that a beginner rider take a motorcycle on this trail. The trail is very rugged so please BE PREPARED. and have fun.

For directions or just questions about other trails in the area just

Idaho Trail Riders
email me.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Stinking Springs Trail

Trail # 169 Motorcycle & Four Wheeler.
Palisades & Teton Basin Ranger Districts

Stinking Springs is a fun short trail. That leads to top back side of Kelly canyon ski hill. It is a good after work ride. That offers a good view of the snake river and swan valley below.

To find the trail head Just go past Heise. And follow the signs for the boat ramp. You will make one right hand turn off the main road. Then look for the trail head on the mountain side of the road. Their is a big parking area it's hard to miss.

If you miss the turn or you have more time. Then go past Kelly canyon. To the table rock camp ground and unload their. Then take trail 169. It's a great fourwheeler trail and will take you to the top of stinking springs. So this is a fun loop also if you have the time. Oh and best of all it's low and in the sun. So the snow melts pretty fast.It's one the earliest rides i know of with no snow. Stinking springs is on the sunny side of the mountain so you also get unreal sunsets. It is a great short ride. Not recommended by me for beginners. But for everyone else. It makes a great ride with potential. To be longer if you have the time.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Bear Canyon Trail

Trail # 102 Motorcycle
Challis National Forest.

Bear Canyon is a fun mountain motorcycle trail. With a creek crossing and A saddle summit that rewards you with a view of the Pahsimeroi valley. And what i call the back side of MT Borah or the south east side.

This Bear Canyon trail can be found in sawmill canyon. To find Sawmill Canyon you go through Howe Idaho. And head straight up the Pahsimeroi valley. ( NORTH ) Approximately 30 miles out of Howe until you see the forest service sign. That says Sawmill Canyon then just follow the signs and camp. The trail map for this area is the Challis National Forest trail map. The trail number is 080 on this map.

The Bear Canyon trail this year was great. We all i had a great ride. I can't say enough about the view from the top of the trail. The trail does not summit any mountains but. Summits between two mountains in the saddle. Then drops down either into Sawmill Canyon or the Pahsimeroi Valley. I would not recommend this trail for beginners.

Sawmill Canyon is a HUGE!!! place to go ride. This is just one motorcycle trail out of a bunch of four wheeler and motorcycle trails. We make it a point to camp for a few nights every year up here. The mountains surround you on all sides. With trails, ghost towns, streams, lakes, and an abundance of riding.


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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Trail #071 Motorcycle
Palisades Teton Basin Ranger Districts

This is a motorcycle only trail. That could challenge allot of riders. But the view of the Tetons and the Valley below make it all worth it and more.

Well i'd like to think it's obvious why i like this motorcycle trail so much. It's really not along trail. But it does meet up with many other trails. It can very easily be made into a short after work loop ride. Even if you live in Idaho Falls. Assuming you know how to ride well. If you are a beginner you may want to allow your self more time.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Argument Ridge

Trail # o64 Motorcycle & Four Wheeler
Palisades Teton Basin Ranger District.

Their are a few different motorcycle and four wheeler trails to the top. The trail number above is motorcycle only. But don't worry just look at the map and choose a different way if you have four wheelers.

I was shocked the first time i got to the top of this trail. I could not believe the 360 degree views from the top. It is a very easy motorcycle and four wheeler trail. That just about any rider should be able to do. Depending on were you start this is also a short trail. But can very easily be turned in to a long ride.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Trail # 074 Motorcycle
Palisades Teton Basin Ranger Districts

This is a great motorcycle trail for intermediate and advanced riders. This trail is motorcycle only.!! and has allot of deep water crossings in the spring.. ha ha ha But always enjoyable. The trail head is at the end of RD. 206
on the Palisades & Teton Basin Ranger District map. you can get this map at the Idaho Falls visitor center..


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Trail # 082 Motorcycle & Four wheeler

Palisades Teton Basin Ranger Districts

Wolverine is one of my favorite trails. I like this trail because it is so nice and user friendly but yet fun fun fun. It's a great after work trail if you live in idahofalls or can get to kellys by six oclock or so.

This is a great beginner motorcycle trail. That can be fun for the whole family. It is a pretty short motorcycle trail. But their is tons of other riding very close. So this is a good place to start your ride and then if time permits you can ride as along as you want. In almost any direction from this trail.


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